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RIAM Exams were founded in 1894 to support students of music and drama at every stage of their learning journey. Our expert team of examiners work online and throughout the country to examine candidates in their own locality across the 32 counties of Ireland.

We provide an external and objective analysis of your progress through a graded music examination system. This helps you and your teacher to celebrate your progress, and focus on your next goals.

Our syllabi outline the creative and technical milestones that need to be covered as you move from beginner to expert in your chosen instrument or voice. All RIAM syllabi proudly include works by Irish composers and writers.

Through our system of assessment we aim to:

  • Provide students with goals and challenges to aim for, and therefore develop themselves
  • Acknowledge the candidates progression with achievement, and mark their journey as they grow artistically
  • Enable, support, and celebrate creativity and diversity in music and drama, for all levels of ability
  • Offer constructive and formative feedback to ensure the ongoing development of all candidates
  • Encourage wellbeing, self-confidence and motivation for students that will benefit them in their life in general terms, not just in performance.

Since its establishment, the RIAM Exams have inspired, educated, and transformed over one million musicians and performers. With over 40,000 candidates assessed per year in exam centres across the island, RIAM is Ireland’s most popular exam body, providing assessment and inclusivity for all learners.

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If you require more information on making a booking, or advice on completing your application, contact us at the addresses below.

General Exam Enquiries: examsoffice@riam.ie
Music Syllabus Enquiries: music.syllabus.enquiries@riam.ie
Drama Syllabus Enquiries: drama.syllabus.enquiries@riam.ie
Registrations & technical support: support@riam.ie
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